Welcome to Argazkilana!

Argazkilana means photography or photographic work in Basque.

I'm the grandaughter of Basque immigrants from Bizkaia on my maternal side and the daughter of an avid photographer. My father instilled in me the love of photography at an early age when he showed me how to use my first top-view camera. I grew up in eastern Oregon where I still spend a great deal of time, and now live in Nevada.

I took my first photos of the Basque Country in 1985 and it quickly became my favorite subject. Beside visiting with family and friends, my favorite thing to do in the Basque Country is going on photo safaris. There is so much beauty to be captured through the photographic lens there. I'm happy to be able to share some of it with others. I am especially captivated by rural landscapes and architectural details.

Most of my early work was shot with a 35mm Canon on slide media. I now shoot almost exclusively digital. I often use digital filters to create an aesthetic that reflects the essence I experience as I approach the subject through the lens. Through these filters and composition, I feel my unique perspective emerges visually.

I print my photos on canvas, apply a liquid laminate to protect them against UV damage and wear, and stretch them myself.